Für die Spendenauktion wurden von 27 KünstlerInnen und 45 Schülerinnen der Vienna International School insgesamt 55 tolle KOINOBORI gemacht. Herzlichen Dank!

Mit der Spende wird die NPO-Hilfsgruppe “EARTH” unterstützt, die die Initiatorin von Kokemoos Hisa Enomoto persönlich kennengelernt hat. Ein Teil der Spenden wird auch direkt für die Unterstützung des KOINOBORI-Projekts verwendet.



2012 This international project is intended to mitigate prejudices and help create love and understanding for other cultures; a respectful interaction with the global community. The artists Taichiro Takamatsu and Nozomi Akamatsu agreed with the intent of the KOINOBORI project and joined in its realization. The title KOINOBORI originates from an old chinese tale. Koi-fish are able to accomplish the impossible; they swim against the current and travel up waterfalls. It is for this reason that koi-fish became the symbol for strong and healthy growth in children. Our wish was to join different cultures and peoples with the KOINOBORI project. Children made KOINOBORI in numerous workshops in Vienna and Japan. The KOINOBORI were displayed and shared; Japanese KOINOBORI were shown in Vienna and the KOINOBORI created in the Viennese schools were sent with messages of hope to children in the catastrophy areas. We have received kind reports that the project has provided both material and moral support to the affected communities. KOINOBORI-Donation Auction 27 artists and 45 pupils of the Vienna International School made 55 special KOINOBORI for the Donation Auction. Heartfelt thanks. The donations support the work of the NPO “EARTH”, who the initiator of the Kokemoos met personally. A part of the donations also support the KOINOBORI project. We wish to express our thanks to the many schools, kindergartens, institutes, groups and countless individuals which participated and supported the project. We would especially like to thank Herbert Brandl, Thomas Angermair und Oswald Schellmann for their support in realizing this Donation Auction during the summer.

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